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The information we collect will be used to define your tournament and provide important content for your website. You can always update information in your Digital Clubhouse later.

Options for Collecting Fees

ScrambleTracker and Credit Card Processing Fees can either be covered by the Tournament or passed along to the Teams. See the examples below of how each would work.

Elect to have ScrambleTracker and CC Fees paid by Teams/Players


Team Fee $1,000.00
ScrambleTracker Fee $10.00
Credit Card Fee $29.59
Total Paid by Team $1,039.59
Your Event Nets $1,000.00
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Elect to have ScrambleTracker and CC Fees paid by Tournament


Team Fee $1,000.00
Total Paid by Team $1,000.00
ScrambleTracker Fee ($10.00)
Credit Card Fee ($29.59)
Your Event Nets $960.41
Select this Method

All funds will be deposited to your bank account. ScrambleTracker charges a flat $10 per-team fee, which will be charged to the organizer's credit card on tournament day.

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Activating Your Digital Clubhouse Creating Tournament Website


Finish setting up your tournament in your DIGITAL CLUBHOUSE!

The Digital Clubhouse provides a dashboard and tools to put the finishing touches on your tournament.

Activate Payment Processing & Tournament Website

IMPORTANT! You'll need to visit the Digital Clubhouse to set up payment processing with our partners at Stripe in order to activate your website and start registering players.

Inside your DIGITAL CLUBHOUSE you can also...

  • View and share your custom tournament URL
  • Create sponsorships
  • Edit and customize tournament info
  • Add contact information
  • Create and manage links
  • Add social media links
  • Publish news
  • Set your tournament's scorecard
  • And more!
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